Road Butcher: Crossing The Line

Road Butcher: Crossing The Line

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Tailgated. Pressured from behind. Passed on the right. Cut off by an aggressive driver. Given the finger for no apparent reason. Road rage is a real phenomenon of our ever-increasing pace of life. Richard Gerber ratchets road rage up a notch in this novel of terror on the highways surrounding Oklahoma City. Detective Nick Witkowski is called to a horrific multivehicle accident in which a mother and her daughter are incinerated in the wreckage. Overcome by grief, the family's father, Kevin Packard, struggles to deal with an atrocity that plunges him into his mind's darkest recesses.When the driver responsible for the wreck, an alcoholic, becomes an accident victim himself, no one is particularly sympathetic. The case turns, however, when the medical examiner discovers this was no routine accident. Instead, the drunk was drugged, his neck broken by what appears to be a professional killer. Other rude and aggressive drivers begin to meet the same fate, and Witkowski's instincts kick into high gear. Nick and his team move quickly to match wits with the mentally deranged killer who cruises the streets extracting revenge. The killer's own road rage begins to unravel when Road Butcher moves to its stunning conclusion.


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