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A Dash Of Red, A Touch Of Gray

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Pure Evil can remain hidden and unseen - a Dash of Red is the account of a seemingly normal man living in Brooklyn, New York who is anything but normal. As he goes about his daily activities we learn that he refers to himself as the Gray Man and values his ability to blend into a crowd and go unnoticed. He also hints that this trait has allowed him to escape justice in the past. He wanders into a midtown bar and finds that he is not as invisible as he had thought as he becomes part of an after-work crowd in 1990’s New York City. Here he gets involved with Violetta, the most beautiful woman in this little clique. Although he now has a sexual relationship with this desirable woman, he fantasizes about Michelle, the bar’s druggie waitress whom he is convinced is flirting with him and slyly suggesting her desire for rough sex. He is furthermore convinced that Violetta is a witch and begins his studies on witchcraft. Along the way his horrendous appetites are sated as he participates in every manner of evil. We are introduced to members of the bar crowd, among them is a fellow with a filthy mouth, several potheads, a dismissive bartender, and a charismatic fellow that they refer to as the Capo. In short time one of the group is found bludgeoned to death and suspicion is cast upon the bar's patrons. Meanwhile Michelle’s drug problems worsen and she enters rehab. Once she returns John has wonderful plans for his future with Michelle and is more convinced than ever that she is flirting with him. He will settle down with the girl of his dreams and abandon his old habits. No longer will he kill, mutilate, cannibalize and the like. First though, he wants one final adventure – one last feast of killing where he can destroy three lives before riding off into the sunset with his darling Michelle. This offbeat urban story questions how well do we really know our casual acquaintances and will appeal to readers of, horror, black humor, crime and suspense.


    Tom Coca








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