Recon 1 - Tanto Point Combo - 2010 Model

Recon 1 - Tanto Point Combo - 2010 Model

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    Recon 1 - Tanto Point Combo - 2010 Model is a part of Cold Steel Tanto Knife products library. To see this Recon 1 - Tanto Point Combo - 2010 Model in stock for product, click the link above and come over and then you will get this item about Recon 1 - Tanto Point Combo - 2010 Model .

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    Cold Steel is famous for raising the bar in the knife industry and the Recon 1 tactical folders are setting a standard that's hard to beat. Why? Because they are as tough as nails and will cut like a chain saw! Every facet of their construction has been over engineered to make them as strong, durable and effective as humanly possible. The blades are made out of imported Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel that's been vacuum heat treated and sub-zero quenched and the handles feature G-10 laminate scales artfully contoured and scalloped for a terrific non slip grip. Plus, they are held together by the latest in high strength mechanical fasteners and further anchored by a 6061 heat-treated spacer. To compliment their super tough blades and handles they are equipped with the revolutionary Tri Ad lock, which practically precludes lock failure. To compliment their tactical mission we have given each blade a tough, black non-corrosive. The testing has shown this coating offers three major advantages for tactical blades. First, it helps the blade to resist rust. Second, it eliminates glare and light reflections, which may give its user away. And third, it's a superior lubricant, which causes the blade to slip through even tough material with markedly less friction. This means you can cut deeper and far longer than with a non-coated blade. To make the Recon 1 as easy to open and carry as possible it has been equipped each knife with a thumb disc and small extra strong pocket clip. This clip is completely ambidextrous so lefties please take note. What's more its small size doesn't abrade or irritate the palm under protracted use. Thin, light, sharp and incredibly tough, the Recon 1 is willing and able to aid you on your next mission! Specifications: - Blade Length: 4" (Tanto) - Blade Thickness: 3.5 mm - Overall Length: 9 3/8" - Steel: Japanese Aus 8A Stainless w/ Black Non-corrosive Finish - Weight: 5.3 oz - Handle: 5 3/8" Long G-10 - Pocket Clip: Stainless Pocket / Belt




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