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    The Walker family is inadvertently caught in the meat grinder of America's dying days at the hands of Homeland Security lashing out in all directions. Unable to turn around they had to move forward into an uncertain future, comforted only by the fact they were facing the unknown as a family. Forces beyond their control separate them and Adonis Walker doesn't know where his wife Rachel and daughter Eden have been taken. He vows in his heart to find them and bring them safely home - swearing unholy vengeance on anyone that may have hurt his family. Adonis Walker is a combat special operations veteran with flashbacks from combat that haunt him at the most inopportune times. Living a life dedicated to self-sacrifice, loyalty and fidelity to his wife Rachel and his daughter Eden, he is now faced with resurrecting deadlier parts of himself he thought he would never have to face - he has no other choice - to do otherwise would be abandoning his wife and child. At first, almost as a man without a soul, nearly walking dead, he finds what it takes deep inside him and moves forward against insurmountable odds - trusting in his luck, skills, and the undying devotion of his family. Adonis Walker is a man of honor in the world and won't wimp out just because things aren't going his way during the dark days of America's revolution, pinched as he is between jaws of militia groups intent on doing as they please and a U.S. government hell bent on maintaining continuity of government at all cost.


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