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    To Kill A Mockingbird collides with Deliverance!

    In the long and jagged shadow of Riddle Top lies a darkling mountain world—-a world of unholy mirth and madness, of gods and demons you never knew existed.

    Hitch a wild-ass ride with two runaway teens—-the runty but tough preacher's girl Tizzy Polk and her punk boyfriend Matthew. They might think they are Bonnie and Clyde, but they might also race headlong into an evil far greater than their own. They may come to see things darkly different and seldom seen on that bewitched mountain known below as Riddle Top.

    Take care, folks say in story and song. Watch your step. And beware up there where the wind doth howl like the hellhound electric. Up there, where Tizzy and Matthew come knocking on a strange door. For nobody knows what awaits once you've disturbed your disturbing host. Your hands are in his hands now.

    And the scariest thing of all? He's got all the time in this world.

    Stark, poetic, haunting: Wicked Temper unfolds like a waking fever dream, a rockabilly heart of darkness. The kind you can kill but it don't stop beating.

    Wicked Temper is the premeditated prequel to Randy Thornhorn's The Kestrel Waters.

    "Thornhorn, where the hell have you been?"~ William Peter Blatty (author of The Exorcist)

    "One of the South's wildest new voices..." ~ The Oxford American Magazine


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      Rosasharn Press


      Rosasharn Press

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