Ranger Down: A Rick Martin Adventure

Ranger Down: A Rick Martin Adventure

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    Action Adventure Story. Rick Martin, an ex-Ranger left the service after two hitches and planned to return to college for a degree in geology. However, the chance finding of a clue to a hidden treasure, turned his life around. He soon discover his clue had substance and credibility as he traced it back to a farm county in Missouri. He wasn't alone in this quest. Others, for years had been searching, but without the benefit of Rick's clue. He attracted the attention of criminal elements who felt they had prior claims. When he refused to cooperate, they nearly beat him to death. Rick was able to charge and jail the miscreants, but from jail they ordered his death. A jail house snitch got off a warning to Rick that a rogue biker gang was out to kill him. In desperation, Rick published a notice in a local paper, "Ranger Down," with his cell phone number. He was thrilled to find out that other ex-Rangers were ready to help. The brotherhood of Rangers with Rick's guidance took on the most notorious outlaws in the county and showed their stuff. With the umbrella of their protection, Rick was able to pursue his clues in search of an early-Americana treasure. Although he was intent on finding these valuable goods, he soon discovered something more precious, an attractive young widow named, Audry. "Ranger Down" is a story about a man of character who, despite obstacles, uses his intellect and courage to persevere and achieve his objectives.


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