Aquapac Waterproof Keymaster 608

Aquapac Waterproof Keymaster 608

  • Lock up your valuables!
  • 100% waterproof to IPX8 (guaranteed submersible to 5m for 30 mins).
  • Designed for electronic key fobs.
  • Protects other small items too.
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Product Description

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Product Overview

A pocket-sized submersible waterproof case for keeping small but vital essentials protected and on your person.

Particularly useful for electronic car keys. And a perfect fit for most asthma inhalers too.

Product Features and Benefits

The reason it's called the Keymaster is that it was originally designed for electronic key fobs. Lots of customers wrote in saying that they had to leave their car key 'hidden' on their wheel when they went paddling or surfing, and couldn't we make something so they could take it with them? So that's what we did!

It'll also take care of your credit cards, hotel room key, and a little cash.

And if you're one of the increasing number of people suffering from asthma, it just happens to be the right size for an inhaler.

The Keymaster is made of a thin but remarkably tough material called TPU and is incredibly light - only 1oz including the lanyard.

It also protects from dust, dirt and sand.

And finally, like most of our cases it'll float if you drop it in the drink.

Extended Warranty

Aquapac combines an unrivalled Full 5-Year Warranty* with exceptional after-sales service. We very much doubt you'll get anything like it from any other brand.

(*According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act 1975 a warranty must be described as either "Full" or "Limited". These terms are very strictly defined.)

About Aquapac

Aquapac is the world's favorite brand of 100% waterproof cases. We launched our first case way back in 1983. And since then we've been honored with the Queen's Award for Enterprise... three times!

We're based in London, but our products are to be found on every continent. The vast majority of our products are made in the UK. People are trusting their valuables to our waterproofing, so it's absolutely crucial that our manufacturing is of the highest quality.

  • Lock up your valuables!
  • 100% waterproof to IPX8 (guaranteed submersible to 5m for 30 mins).
  • Designed for electronic key fobs.
  • Protects other small items too.





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