Ten Chimneys

Ten Chimneys

Mccullough by Old Swiss Army Knife
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    For four decades, "The Fabulous Lunts" were the greatest acting team in the history of English stage. If a play was attached to their celebrity, it was an instant hit. Their world-class talent revolutionized live theater. They were "Lunt and Fontanne," their guests were literary giants, famous thespians and royalty, and their Wisconsin home-retreat was Ten Chimneys. Alfred and Lynn created this idyllic paradise but Jules, their black major domo, kept it running smoothly. In a region not known for cultural diversity, this quiet man behind Ten Chimneys' success was Diana's godfather. Diana was raised by her grandparents near the famed two hundred acre estate. When her life met tragedy, Mr. Lunt told her, "This pastoral countryside will most assuredly heal you, just like it did me." With their deaths, the rough-hewn wooden gate was closed and chain-locked. However, Ten Chimneys' story didn't end there. With flood lights befitting a Broadway premiere, hundreds, including Diana, gathered for the reopening of the Lunt's most enduring legacy, Ten Chimneys.


      Diana Enright


      Tanya Hazelton








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      Inkwater Press

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