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The Kid And Wild Bill

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In the year 2024, a secret government agency is cloning astronauts for a NASA deep space program. Little thought is given to the clone's survivability, much less the moral issues. When the scientist who is working on the program realizes he has just cloned the President of the United States, he believes there will be an attempt to assassinate the president. When he threatens to blow the whistle he is killed. His 17-year-old son, as brilliant as his father and who is also working on the clone program, witnesses his father's murder and must run for his life and try to save the president too. The boy lives near Deadwood, SD, and his hero is Wild Bill Hickok, who was killed there in 1876. He figures that if he can clone Hickok, the famous lawman might be able to save him and the president. When Wild Bill wakes up on a lab table in the future, he is not happy about the idea of being brought back more than 150 years after he died. The kid gets more than he bargained for because Hickok proves to be as unpredictable and dangerous as he was when he roamed the west as a scout, spy and gunfighter. Wild Bill agrees to help the kid and they get involved in a wild, dangerous adventure when they go up against mercenaries and men intent on replacing the president with a clone that they can control.


    John Chadwell






    First Edition




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    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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