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What would you do if you found yourself alone? Absolutely alone, with no rules to follow and no limits holding you back. Would you find yourself finally free, or would you slowly lose your mind? ...Maybe you can’t do one without first doing the other! Devastated when the woman he loves leaves him, Nicholas Morrison sets off to hike the Appalachian Trail on a quest of self-discovery. Unknown to him the Universe has been listening to his unspoken prayers. In one shocking moment he finds that Creation has granted his wish to find release from his heartache. It is a gift that leaves him broken, alone, and teetering on the edge of utter madness. Even as he laments over his feelings of loss, the Creator of Infinity sees fit to lead him on an adventure toward the most sacred love of all, love for oneself. However, first he must confront an enemy that he has been battling his entire life. An adversary that is completely inescapable, that will never quit, and is so cunning you celebrate its victories as if they were your own.


    Andrew s Fincham








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