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After years underground Doctor Owen Orient returns to confront a global conspiracy fueled by two massively powerful occult artifacts: The Spear of Destiny, a mystical weapon of dictators from Charlemagne to Hitler, and the Grimoire of Honorious, the handwritten book of ancient spells compile by the most evil practitioner of the dark arts in history, Pope Honorious III. Doctor Orient, physician and psychic, and Moe Klein, FBI art expert are drawn into a bloody storm of serial murder and kidnapping that sweeps them from Manhattan to Marrakech -- to a Nazi enclave deep in the Amazon jungle where Josef Mengele, Martin Bormann and Aribert Heim (Doctor Death) continue their inhuman experiments seeking immortality--and the spawning of a New Reich whose temple will be the Vatican itself...


    Frank Lauria








    Rothco Press


    Rothco Press










    Rothco Press


    Rothco Press

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