On The Edge (Knife'S Edge Book 1)

On The Edge (Knife'S Edge Book 1)

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Keagan Farrell needed to breathe. She needed five minutes, five hours, a day, something that wouldn't entail her title as a Marine being repeated in googley-eyed awe and misinformation. Distinctly alone in a room full of people who thought that the call of duty was a video game and PTSD could be fixed with pats on the shoulders and the singing of kumbaya, she'd come to understand that her veneer of calm was beginning to crack. After a tour in Iraq left scars that ran deeper than childhood memories, she just couldn't sit by and listen to one more person ask if she were "okay." Leaving her hometown in Virginia wasn't the most appealing option but it was necessary. Yet, what was intended to simply be a get-a-way soon turns into the salve for her wounds that Keagan has been searching for. Said salve comes in the form of two slippery squid Special Force types that clearly have the resilience to survive the Navy and break down every single defense she has. Keagan finds herself on the edge...and she likes it...


    Shara Azod


    Kindle Edition


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    Shara Azod, LLC


    Shara Azod, LLC










    Shara Azod, LLC




    Shara Azod, LLC

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