Knife'S Edge (Children Of Legend)

Knife'S Edge (Children Of Legend)

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    This is book two in the Children of Legend series. Please check out Hostile Takeover and the prequel short stories.

    Maria Perez gets tangled up with the Dragon's new Leader, James Durham. He makes her an offer she'd be wise not to turn down, one that has her dancing on the knife's edge between life and death.

    Children of Legend Stories:
    “X Marks The Spot” (Mark Feaney) – Prequel Short Story
    “Here, There Be Dragons” (Maria Perez) Prequel Short Story
    “Compass Rose” (Rose Covington) Prequel Short Story
    Hostile Takeover (Mark Feaney) Children of Legend: Book 1
    Knife's Edge (Maria Perez) Children of Legend: Book 2


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