The Ark (Volume 1)

The Ark (Volume 1)

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    ‘The Mayans knew of its great destructive power, the Angry One they had called it.’ JAMES COLLINS has been wrong before and it cost him his reputation. In fact, it is why he now holds the job that nobody wants; isolated, pushed aside and forgotten about: an astronomer at the Armstrong Observatory on the Moon. As he carries out his duties, he soon discovers that the rogue planemo, Ronin, a drifter through space, is heading towards our solar system. But, with his credibility in tatters and the ridicule still felt after his false data detected an asteroid heading for Earth ten years ago, who can he make listen? Collins manages to transfer all of the information to a childhood friend, one of the president’s aides, but when she is involved in a car accident before she can deliver the message, it becomes clear that someone on Earth is already aware of the situation and they would rather nobody else found out. This is confirmed when the comms system is destroyed and all contact between the Moon and Earth is severed. With no way of warning Earth of its fate, all attention is turned to The Ark Project.


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