Survival, Evasion, And Recovery

Survival, Evasion, And Recovery

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    S - Size up the situation, surroundings, physical condition, equipment.
    U - Use all your senses
    R - Remember where you are.
    V - Vanquish fear and panic.
    I - Improvise and improve.
    V - Value living.
    A - Act like the natives.
    L - Live by your wits.

    1. Immediate Actions
    a. Assess immediate situation. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!
    b. Take action to protect yourself from nuclear, biological, or
    chemical hazards (Chapter IX).
    c. Seek a concealed site.
    d. Assess medical condition; treat as necessary (Chapter V).
    e. Sanitize uniform of potentially compromising information.
    f. Sanitize area; hide equipment you are leaving.
    g. Apply personal camouflage.
    h. Move away from concealed site, zigzag pattern recommended.
    i. Use terrain to advantage, communication, and concealment.
    j. Find a hole-up site.

    2. Hole-Up-Site (Chapter I)
    a. Reassess situation; treat injuries, then inventory equipment.
    b. Review plan of action; establish priorities (Chapter VI).
    c. Determine current location.
    d. Improve camouflage.
    e. Focus thoughts on task(s) at hand.
    f. Execute plan of action. Stay flexible!


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