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The fascinating history of Mexico that began in the #1 New York Times bestselling novel Aztec continues . . . .
Don Juan de Zavala was the most skilled fighter in all of New Spain--as gifted with weapons and horses as he was with women. These pleasures were all he desired.
But the magnificent Aztec empire, its grand cities and riches lay broken under the Spanish boot . . . Now valiant men and fearless women rise and battle their brutal overlords.
As a warrior-priest leads an Aztec revolt, across the ocean in Spain courageous people battle Napoleon's invading armies.
No one, including Juan de Zavala could stay neutral. Especially if a shocking secret from Zavala's lurid past is exposed--a secret so lethal to the Spanish Crown it threatens their very existence. Zavala will be swept from glittering Mexico City to snake-and-croc infested jungles, to lost Mayan civilizations to the torture chambers of the Inquisition, to beautiful Barcelona and the bloody carnage of Napoleon's war in Spain, to the bloodiest and most spectacular of New Spain's (colonial Mexico) revolutions.
Everybody wants Don Juan de Zavala . . and many people want him dead:
Isabella . . . Instinctively wicked, sinfully seductive.
Father Hidalgo . . . Can a man of God take up the sword and lead a people by the hundreds of thousands into a bloody revolution he cannot control?
Raquel . . . Attractive, sensuous, erudite, she challenges Juan with her mind--and her body.
Marina . . . A gorgeous pure-blood Aztec, she knows too well the oppressor's rape and pillage of her people.


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    Robert Gleason


    Junius Podrug






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