Tears Of The Betrayed (Death Whisperer) (Volume 7)

Tears Of The Betrayed (Death Whisperer) (Volume 7)

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Joe Stanton was the only CIA agent to every infiltrate Al Qaeda as both a fighter and strategist for the organization. The information he passed back to the agency stopped dozens of terrorist attacks, saving countless lives, but because of the isolation of four years of solo undercover work, he converted to Islam, not out of any belief in religious truth, but rather a need for a sense of community. And after marrying the daughter of a leading Kuwaiti businessman, he felt whole for the first time in his life. Yet he never once wavered in his loyalty to the United States. But when Joe stumbled on the CIA’s Kuwait chief of station and his father-in-law finalizing the details of a plan to decimate the Mexican drug cartels, he realized the agency was heading for disaster. What the agency didn’t know was that Joe’s father-in-law was a top strategist for Al Qaeda and the plan was destined to kill thousands of Americans. But when he tried to report the plot to his controller, the agency put a sanction on him and killed his father-in-law and pregnant wife. The agency tries to enlist Mirlinda Dzafer, code named Sasha, the deadliest assassin on earth, to hunt him down. But their arguments for wanting Joe dead seemed absurd and Mirlinda realizes the real reason is Joe’s knowledge about a mysterious and deadly disease decimating the Mexican drug cartels and sweeping across the border into the U.S. Instead of killing him, she determines to save Joe, pitting her in an epic battle against a renegade CIA group. But the agency is about to learn that it’s unhealthy to go up against the assassin of assassins known as Sasha.


    Michael Olive








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