Contract Law: Text, Cases, & Materials

Contract Law: Text, Cases, & Materials

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Authored by one of the leading authorities in the field, this account of the modern law of contract is a popular text with students and lecturers alike. Presenting a unique balance of 1/3 text to 2/3 cases and materials, the book can be used both as a stand alone text and as a companion volume to a short introductory textbook. Through this fresh approach to the subject, students obtain a firm understanding of the central doctrines and associated controversies.

Comprehensive coverage is presented in a logical structure that maps closely onto courses, and stimulating commentary is delivered through detailed introductions, extract notes and extensive comments within each chapter. Extended extracts illustrate points clearly, and promote the essential skills of case-reading, encouraging more detailed analysis of salient points, while analysis of key academic commentaries on issues of controversy, contract clauses etc is also included to provide a well-rounded discussion.

Extracts from materials such as the Principles of European Contract Law, and the UNIDROIT Principles for International Commercial Contracts are incorporated throughout to provide a useful point of comparison with English Law - encouraging critical reflection upon the state of the English system and illustrating how the law of contract is regarded in other jurisdictions. Specimen clauses are also cited to demonstrate some of the practical problems that confront both businessmen and lawyers, offering students working examples of complex issues. Questions are placed at key points throughout the text to encourage further consideration and reflection of complex or controversial issues, while extensive referencing promotes further research. Written in a familiar and engaging style, this book offers a thought-provoking and well-balanced argument aimed squarely at undergraduates.

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  • Used Book in Good Condition

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