A Ragged Magic (The Runebound) (Volume 1)

A Ragged Magic (The Runebound) (Volume 1)

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Rhiannon has the Sight — the ability to glimpse the hearts and minds of others. Her visions attract the attention of the powerful kirche, which has condemned all magic outside the holy orders.

Branded a witch, her family executed, Rhiannon is handed over to a diabolical bishop who wants to use her power to discredit the royal family and advance his own candidate for the throne.

But she is not without friends: she is saved from a terrible fate by the very people the bishop aims to destroy. Thrust into intrigue and danger, Rhiannon must learn to control her growing power, and master ...


"Lindsey S. Johnson debuts strongly with her tale of betrayal, magic and political intrigue. She breaks our hearts open in the first chapter ... with her fast-paced, often poetic prose ... "
--KEN SCHOLES, award-winning author of The Psalms of Isaak

“Lindsey S. Johnson’s strong, confident voice ... and complex, fascinating characters make this debut novel riveting and deeply satisfying.”
— SHANNON PAGE, author of Our Lady of the Islands (with Jay Lake)

“A Ragged Magic is one of those books that makes me want to curl up with a cup of hot tea on a stormy weekend and read until the world ends.”
— J.A. PITTS, award-winning author of Forged in Fire


    Lindsey S. Johnson








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