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Diamonds and death-a combination Petra Paris never expected in her quest to exonerate her father of fraud charges. Petra is a headstrong geologist assigned to a Canadian diamond mine that is accessible only by plane. But the beautiful diamond hunter becomes the hunted. Unwittingly she has landed in a nest of smugglers who are becoming increasingly desperate to escape with millions in uncut stolen diamonds. She's in their way. Seth, a cop with the RCMP Diamond Protection Unit undercover as a pilot, has wangled his way into the mine complex by posing as Petra's boyfriend. She agrees to share a bedroom as long as he in turn protects her while she collects proof of her father's innocence. That means working around the clock to meet the deadline. To her frustration, there's almost no time for another type of exploration, that of the cop's rock-hard body. But murder changes everything. The remote mine complex becomes a death trap, and lust on many levels threatens to consume them all.


    Madelle Morgan








    Cerridwen Press


    Cerridwen Press










    Cerridwen Press


    Cerridwen Press

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